Founded in 1963, the Herbarium of the IRD Noumea (NOU) is a regional herbarium, occupying a room of 85 m² dedicated to collections. The samples are stored in wooden racks. Fruit specimens are stored in plastic containers. The silicate and alcohol specimens are stored in a refrigerator.

Gossia katepahiensis herbier

The Collection

The herbarium collection consists of approximately 85,000 specimens of vascular plants, including 700 types (mainly isotypes). 90% of the collection is dedicated to the flora of New Caledonia and the remaining 10 % to the flora of other Pacific regions (Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Wallis & Futuna ...). The collection also includes 4 00 fruit specimens and hundreds of samples conserved in silicate and alcohol. The taxonomy is based on the taxonomic database “Florical” of the indigenous flora of New-Caledonia (Morat et al., in press).

Its Role

  • determination by comparison
  • checking plant names
  • systematic research (specific families Sapotaceae, Rubiaceae, Sapindaceae)
  • conservation of reference specimens
  • collection of common specimens

Database Virot

The complete NOU collection is computerized and managed in the database VIROT. More than 2500 samples have been digitalized, including all the type specimens. The use of phenological data, and ecological knowledge of the distribution of areas of distribution allow :

  • update File
  • consultation and botanical expertise
  • taxonomic revision of genera, families

Its applications

  • flora publications, monograph, books, posters
  • database
  • systematic (Description of new species, taxonomic revision)
  • research in Ecology
  • a hub of international exchange

Visitors and Location

Consultations take place preferentially on Thursdays between 8 am and 4 pm. Visitors are urged to contact the herbarium (Click here to contact us) to confirm that a staff member will be present to facilitate their visit.

Herbier du centre I.R.D. de NOUMEA
Anse Vata, 101 Promenade Roger Laroque
BP A5 - 98800 NOUMEA

Use of data from the Herbarium NOU :

The use of any data obtained from Herbarium NOU sources is to be fully acknowledged and users are engaged to :

  • cite "Herbarium of the Centre IRD Noumea (NOU)" in all publications or other works
  • cite "Database Virot botanical herbarium of IRD Nouméa (NOU)" for data extract from the herbarium database
  • provide a copy of their publication to the “Laboratoire de Botanique et d'Ecologie Végétale Appliquées » at IRD Nouméa.