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ID 10452
Family Polypodiaceae
Taxon Microsorum varians (Mett.) Hennipman & Hett.
Synonyms Acrostichum varians f. varians
Acrostichum varians f. normalis
Acrostichum varians f. contracta
Christiopteris varians
Collectors H. S. MacKee
Collection Number 17633
Type Status --
Collection date 07/ 10/ 1967
Administrative division Province Sud
Commune Sarraméa
Locality Pente N Plateau Dogny
Coordinates 21°36 S ;165°52 E
Elevation 1000 m
Determined by G. Brownlie
Date of Determination 05/ 1968
Part Type NOU056827
Parts in NOU 1
Duplicate deposit --
Phenology Status Fertile
Observation --
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