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ID 10895
Family Marattiaceae
Taxon Ptisana attenuata (Labill.) Murdock
Synonyms Gymnotheca mertensiana
Marattia fraxinea
Marattia mertensiana
Marattia smithii
Marattia pellucida
Marattia ternatea
Marattia attenuata
Marattia smithii f. soluta
Marattia cooperi
Collectors H. S. MacKee
Collection Number 18076
Type Status --
Collection date 05/ 12/ 1967
Administrative division Province Nord
Commune Canala
Locality Canala : Sentier Ciu-Koindé
Coordinates 21°34 S ;165°58 E
Elevation 300 m
Determined by G. Brownlie
Date of Determination 05/ 1968
Part Type NOU056664
Parts in NOU 1
Duplicate deposit --
Phenology Status Fertile
Observation --
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